Nevado Alpamayo 5947m/19511ft Mountain Climb

Trip Information
Grade: 3/C

Length: 6/7 Days
Route: SW – French Direct
Season: Late June – August

Day 1: Drive to the village of Cashapampa 2990m/9809ft and ascend the Santa Cruz valley to camp at Llamacorral 3675m/12057ft. 3 hours drive and 5 hours walk.

Day 2: Ascend to the Base Camp of Alpamayo 4350m/14271ft. 5 hours walk.

Day 3: Ascend to Moraine Camp 4950m/16240ft. 3 hours walk.

Day 4: Climb up to high camp 5350m/17552ft. 3 hours climb.

Day 5: Summit attempt and back to high camp. 10 to 12 hours climb for the day.

Day 6: Descend to Base Camp. 4 hours walk.

Day 7: Walk out the valley and return to Huaraz. 6 hours walk.

Technical Difficulty & Fitness
3. Very steep ice. Suitable for competent mountaineers who have climbed consistently at these standards.
C. As for “B”, but tougher. Climbs of this grade are exceptionally strenuous and some weight loss is inevitable. Train hard and take along some spare calories.

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Rodolfo’s guiding service was truly great with the first rule being that of safety which is what it should be.
Christopher, USA